Season 2

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Season 2 - Chapter 14

  • 1,534 user views

The Underwoods tackle two threats that could bring their plans to ruin. Francis grooms his replacement as Whip. Claire goes on the offensive....


Season 2 - Chapter 25

  • 1,545 user views

Francis finds himself shut out and Claire makes a difficult sacrifice. Stamper tries to regain control....


Season 2 - Chapter 15

  • 1,745 user views

Francis puts China in the cross-hairs. Claire confronts a painful trauma from her past. Lucas Goodwin presses for the truth....


Season 2 - Chapter 26

  • 1,607 user views

Francis faces annihilation while the nation is in an uproar. Stamper must tie up loose ends. Claire feels the cost of ruthlessness....


Season 2 - Chapter 16

  • 2,359 user views

Tension rises between Francis and Raymond Tusk as the situation with China deteriorates. A battle in the Senate pits Francis against the Republicans....


Season 2 - Chapter 17

  • 1,393 user views

A terror scare at the Capitol traps Francis with a resentful Donald Blythe. Claire gives a live interview that rocks the media....


Season 2 - Chapter 18

  • 1,548 user views

Francis back-channels with a Chinese billionaire. Lucas uses extreme measures to expose the Vice President. A shadowy figure joins Team Underwood....


Season 2 - Chapter 19

  • 1,472 user views

Amidst an energy crisis. Francis and Tusk end their shaky alliance. Lucas must make a difficult choice. Stamper grows closer to Rachel...


Season 2 - Chapter 20

  • 1,553 user views

Despite some friction, the Walkers deepen their friendship with the Underwoods. But it's all-out war between Francis and Tusk....


Season 2 - Chapter 21

  • 1,480 user views

The war with Tusk intensifies. Claire influences Tricia Walker politically and domestically. Francis has a show-down with Linda Vasquez....


Season 2 - Chapter 22

  • 1,440 user views

The chapter starts with a scandalous photo of Claire and Adam Galloway "mysteriously" leaked to the press, which leads to the Underwoods strategizing with Doug and Grayson on how to deal with it. Clai...


Season 2 - Chapter 23

  • 1,288 user views

With a military stand-off overseas and potential violence at home, Francis wants to finish off Tusk for good. Claire and Jackie Sharp collide....